FutureShift Group has developed a protocol which addresses the practical, legal, ethnical and theoretical considerations pertaining to these enquiries.

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FutureShift Group brings together expertise in the areas of management, labour, education, law and organizational dynamics. The demands of the workplace and the complexity of today's organizations call for such a multidisciplinary approach to workplace conflict. The Group’s diverse background ensures a balance of:

Michael L. Armstrong
Consultant, VISION Management Services

Ruth R. Armstrong, MBA
President, VISION Management Services

Kathy McDonald, LL.B
Lawyer, Labour Relations Consultant

Menno Vorster
President, Labour Resource Services

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Mike and Ruth Armstrong are founding members of FutureShift Group, an affiliate organization that specializes in Workplace Conflict Resolution.

FutureShift Group is comprised of a group of professionals representing different backgrounds who share a common interest in:


Responding to charges of general or sexual harassment and management misconduct are challenges many organizations are unprepared for. This and the increasingly recognized importance of developing a healthy work environment were the impetus for the creation of FutureShift Group.

FutureShift Group will